The front of laboratory requisition form contains all necessary information to process and report test results requested.  Any sample sent to MedTest Laboratories must be accompanied by the appropriate requisition or interface manifest. Each specimen must be properly labeled with the patient’s full name, unique identification number (such as Medical Record Number or Date of Birth), date and time of collection, and the initials of the person who collected the specimen.


Additional testing after recieving the specimen may be performed depending on the amount of specimen remaining and analyte stability. Additional tests can be ordered by calling our Client Services Department and filling out Add-on Test Request Form.



Requisition Toxicology

Phlebotomy Request

Add-on Test Request

Advanced Beneficiary Notice


MedTest Laboratories can provide specimen collection supplies to referring physicians/ clients by calling our client services and/or by filling out Sample Collection/Supplies request form. These supplies should be used solely to collect, process, store or ship specimens to MedTest Laboratories for laboratory testing. The use of collection or transport containers that are past the indicated expiration date is not acceptable for testing.